Add Links and Promotions to Emails

When editing your email in the Design tab, you have the ability to easily add links to text, images or buttons within your design. To do so: 

1. Click on the element you wish to add a link to. The action linker box will appear. 

2. If you want to add an external link (such as your website's blog page or store locator), simply type the URL in the action linker field and click outside the box. Your link is automatically saved as part of your email. 

3. If you want to link to a Bridg feature (such as a promotion or survey), click the link icon on the right. 

4. A pop-up window appears with the surveys and promotions saved in your account. Click on the one you want. 


5. The action linker will automatically update with the link you selected. Click outside the pop-up window and your link will be automatically saved. 



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