Design an Email with the Bridg Message Composer

When creating a blast or automation campaign, you can edit the various elements of your email in the Design tab.


Pre-header Text - Pre-header text is the line of text that shows up as a preview of an email after the subject line, when viewing it in your inbox. If your email template includes pre-header text, simply hover over it and click - you'll see the text highlight and your cursor appear. You can now edit the preheader text dynamically in your email. 


Below your pre-header text you may also see the web version link for your email ("Can't view this email? Click here.") This will allow your viewers to click the link and view your email in their browser, instead of their email client. You don't need to edit this, it will work automatically!

Images - To edit an image in your template, simply hover over it. If it has been set to be editable, it will highlight and a small edit icon will appear in the upper right corner (if this does not happen, that image has not been enabled for editing, such as a header logo image that stays the same). 


Once you've clicked the image, an editing box appears. Click "Change image" to select the image from your computer you wish to use. Note that the pixel width of your email template's image is included - to ensure the new image you're using fits within your template, make sure its width matches the one in the image editing box. 


Once you've selected your new image, your email will dynamically update to show you your new email message. 

(Note - Curious what the Link To and Attribute fields are for? You also have the ability to add links and promotions to your emails! Click here to learn how it's done). 

Text - To edit text, hover over the text block and click. If a cursor appears, your text is ready to edit. Enter the text you would like, and your text will appear in the email preview instantly. Do this for body text and text that appears on buttons. 

Your email design is almost complete! To make sure you like how it looks, click Send Test Email and enter the email address you wish to send it to. Click next to move on to the final stage of setting up your campaign, or Save and Exit to come back to it later. 


El Fin. 

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