Capture Stats

The Capture Stats tab is where you can see a comprehensive snapshot of your database growth, and sort the data in meaningful ways to glean insights.



When you first land on the Capture Stats page, your data is sorted by Source. Total contacts captured are listed per source, with Total across all sources in gray at the top.  Time period ("last 90 days") is also displayed at top left. 


To change the time period you're viewing data for, click the date range and select from the drop-down menu. If you want to see data for a specific date range, select Custom range (for example, if your numbers look lower than normal, and you want to compare the last 30 days to the period before). 


A calendar appears. Click the start-date and end-date on each calendar and click Close. Your data will automatically update.

If you want to limit your data to a single location (instead of all locations, which is the default), click All Locations to the right. A drop-down menu appears where you can select the location you're interested in. 


If you want to view your data by location, find the Organized By filter at the top. Click Source and change to Location

Your data is now sorted by location. Note in the upper right corner that All Sources has appeared - click this to select only one source (such as SMS capture). Your other pre-set sources include: 

  • Email capture pop-up = your website pop-up
  • Email club = your website email sign-up form

At any point, you can export the view of your data by clicking the green Export Data button at the top. A .csv of your data will automatically begin downloading. 


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