Set up campaign Goal Tracking

With Bridg Goal Tracking you can finally know how effective your marketing campaigns are at driving a pre-defined goal action.  Today these goal actions are either a promotion redemption or a survey completion, but goals you can track will grow in the future.

Goal tracking is available for email blast and automation campaigns and you can view your campaign goal percentage under the GOAL column.



Your campaign goal percentage is equal to the number of goal actions completed divided by the number of emails opened for each campaign.  For example, if 100 emails were opened and 70 promotions redeemed as a result of that campaign, then your goal percentage would equal 70%.

Your campaign goal percentage is a simple and effective way to judge the effectiveness of your campaign content at driving a desired action.


Defining a goal action for a campaign is a simple process.  In both the blast and automation campaign set up flows you will notice a Campaign Goal drop-down.  Simply define the Survey Completed or Promotion Redeemed as your campaign goal and make sure that you have a Bridg promotion or survey linked to your email and you are good to go.



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