Send a One-off Email

Sending a one-off email is used when you want to send an existing email campaign to a single person. For example, say a customer wants their birthday email resent because their coupon expired, or you want to send an existing campaign to a customer who did not receive it.

One important item to note is that the redemption limit on promotions contained in a one-off email will be double the original limit.  So if the original limit for the promotion was one redemption, then the limit of the promotion in the one-off email will be two redemptions.  This is doubling of the redemption limit will help you to resolve issues when a customer has accidentally pressed the redeem button in the email for their promotion too many times before they actually arrived at your physical location.

To send a one-off email, first locate the campaign you wish to send. For automated campaigns, these will be on the Automation page. Find the workflow your campaign is a part of and click "View Messages." 


From there, find the message you want and click the arrow next to Edit. "Send One Off Email" appears.



For blast campaigns, locate the campaign on the Blasts page and click the arrow next to edit - "Send One Off Email" will appear here, too. 



After clicking this, enter the email address in the window that appears and click Send. 

A window appears letting your know that your one-off email was sent. You're done! 


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