Create an Automation workflow

Automation workflows are used to trigger emails to customers automatically, on a one-to-one basis (vs a blast, which goest to all recipients at once).

For example, you would use an automation workflow to trigger a birthday email to customers the week before their birthday, or when they haven't been to your business for long enough to qualify as "lapsed." In each case, the moment in which the email is triggered will be unique for each guest.

To set up an automation workflow, click the Automation tab and click New Automation Workflow.

The setup page appears. Enter the name of your workflow (Coffee Drinkers). Next, select the locations you want your workflow to be active for (for example, if you want to include corporate but not franchise locations). All locations are selected by default. Click All Locations & Corporate to make changes. 

A location window appears. Un-check any locations you do not want to include. 

Next, select your trigger. This is the even that must occur for your campaign to send. For example, if you want a welcome email to send to anyone new who signs up for your email club in-store, you'd select a customer signs up in store as your trigger. Other pre-set options include: 

a customer signs up on my website = via the Bridg pop-up

a customer is added through the API = via Bridg's contact API 

a customer joins email club = via the Bridg website sign-up form 

a customer completes a survey = a customer completes a Bridg survey 

If you want to trigger a campaign to people in one of your unique segments, such as coffee drinkers or lunch guests, select a customer enter the segment as your trigger. 


Next, select the segment you want. Click the blue Next button in the upper right corner when done. 


Now it's time to design your message. One of your default email templates will appear. You can select a different template by clicking Change Template, or edit the current email as you would normally. When you're done, click Next


The Options page appears. Select the timing you want your campaign to send at - for example, selecting 5 Days means your customer will receive the campaign 5 days after Bridg identifies them as a Coffee Drinker and they enter the segment. 


Next, enter the details of your email message: Subject Line, From Name and From Email Address. If you want to track a particular action in your campaign (such as survey completion, promotion redemptions), select it from the Campaign Goal drop-down. Click Next when done. 

The Summary page is the last step in your automation set-up. Here, you can see your email design and message details on one page. If you're ready for it to send to customers, click the green Activate button. Otherwise, click Save and Exit above it to return to it later. 

If you Save and Exit, your workflow will be saved in the Automation tab as a draft. To edit or activate it at a future time, simply click the arrow next to View Messages - both options appear. 

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