Create an Email Blast

An email blast is a one-time email campaign sent at the same time to all recipients who you select. To start, navigate to the blasts page and click the green New Blast button in the upper right corner.


Enter the necessary items on the Setup page. Note - Blast name will not be viewable to recipients, and can be whatever name you want to give the blast to identify it in the app later. 

If you want to track an action other than opens and clicks, select it by clicking No Goal Selected next to Campaign Goal at the bottom. Select Promotion Redeemed or Survey Completed if your blast contains a survey or promotion you want to track completion of (Promotion Redeemed will be the number of unique recipients who click the link to the promotion in your email). To set up tracking of a different action, reach out to your CSM to see if this can bet tracked as a Website Event.

Click Next to proceed with setup, or Save and Exit to return to setup at a later time. 



On the second page, select your recipients. You can choose a custom created previously or select All Locations, and select the locations you want to include by clicking the number of locations next to Location Filtering


This will open a pop-up window with all the locations included in the segment you selected. You can select all or de-select all (to choose locations one by one) by clicking All or None at the top. To deselect locations, uncheck them where you see a green checkbox. When you're done, click the X in the corner to close the window and click Next to move to the next page. 


On the next page, select the template you wish to use for your campaign (or select Use Custom HTML, if you want to paste your own HTML).  

Now you can begin editing your design. Hover over the preheader and click - you'll see the text highlight before you click, indicating you can begin typing to edit it. 


To edit the promotion within the email, click on the image or button that links to the promotion. A gray dialog box will appear, including a field that says Link To. Click the small link icon on the right. 

A pop-up will appear, listing your promotions to choose from. Select the one you want. 

When you're done, send yourself a test email by entering your email above and clicking Send. If everything looks good, click Next


The final page will present a summary of your campaign, including subject line, creative, and recipients. If everything looks good, click Send Now to send immediately, or Schedule to schedule it some time in the future. 


If you click Schedule, a box will appear allowing you to select the data and time. Note - the time is displayed to you as your local time zone. If you are scheduling for locations in a timezone one hour ahead of you, for example, you would want to add an hour to the time you select. 

Click Schedule when you're done. 

If you are successful, a green box will appear confirming that your blast was scheduled (or is being processed and sent shortly, if you selected Send Now). 

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