Remove a location from Automation

At any point in time, you may want to turn an automated campaign off for a given location. Perhaps that location no longer wants to participate, or only needed the automation active during a given period of time (such as a Grand Opening). In this instance, you can turn remove a location from an automation workflow that is active. 

To locate your automation workflows, select the Automation tab from the menu on the left. Locate the automation workflow you want, and click the small arrow to the right of "View Messages." This opens a drop-down menu - click Edit. 

This will open up the details of the automation workflow, including its Name, the locations it is active for, an the trigger. Click the number of locations. 


This will open a pop-up window. The locations the automation workflow is active for will have green checkboxes next to them. To remove a location from the workflow, simply click the green checkbox to de-select it. Click the X in the top right corner to exit when you're done. 


Click "Save and Exit" to save the changes you made. Any location you un-checked will now be excluded from the workflow, and its contacts will no longer receive that workflow's campaigns. 


You're done!

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