Searching for Customers

Bridg's "Contacts" feature allows you to search through your customer list to view a more detailed of each customer's identifying information.

From the "Contacts" view, type in the email address of the customer you'd like to know more about and click "Search". Here, I'm looking to learn more about a customer with the email address "" for my business, Bridg Bistro. Clicking "Search" allows me to see the list of customers with that email address:

I can view and edit the contacts that appear in these search results with the "Edit" button on the far right. This will take me to the "Edit Contact" view:

From here, I can view (V) and edit (E) the following data fields for this customer:

  • Subscription Status (V/E)
  • Primary Phone Number (V/E)
  • First Name (V/E)
  • Last Name (V/E)
  • Gender (V/E)
  • Birthdate (V/E)
  • Wedding Anniversary (V/E)
  • Family Member's Birthdate (V/E)
  • Receipt Number (V/E)
  • Associated Location (V/E)
  • Source (V)

After changing the customer's information, make sure to click "Save and Exit" before navigating away from the page.

You can also search for a customer's email by prefix. If you only know the first few characters of an email or if you want to view all of the emails with the same first characters, you can search for that prefix followed by a percent (%) character, like this:

Now, I can see all of the emails that begin with "loc" and can view and edit their information fields just like I would for a single contact.

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