In-Store Capture Best Practices


  • What message does a customer receive when they text their number?
    The message is fully customizable. The message typically reads:

    “Thanks for joining the our eClub. Show code 00001 to redeem your offer. Please stay tuned for more offers coming soon!”

  • How does a customer redeem the offer?
    The best way for a customer to redeem their offer, is by showing the code to the cashier. This is usually done directly after signing up. We have the ability to send an email with the coupon attached as well; however, the text message is the preferred method.

  • Can a customer sign up twice?
    Yes and No. We have set the limit to 1 sign up per person. This means no matter which location a customer visits, only one sign up will be allowed. We track this by a customer’s phone number. If you wanted to change the offer on your signs, we can change the limit to allow customers to sign up again. The message that a customer will receive if they have already signed up is also fully customizable, but typically reads:

    “Looks like you’re already a member of the club. Stay tuned for more offers.”

  • What should my offer be?
    Offers will vary by brand, but the offer needs to be compelling. Usually a simple offer, such as a free item of some sort, works best. The word “Free” easily captures a customer’s attention. Future or complicated offers have not performed as well. When in doubt, choose something that would convince YOU to text your email in.

  • Should I send a follow-up message?
    This answer touches on our Customer Journey topic; however, the answer is YES. Each sign up should be quickly followed by some type of welcome or nurturing message. A new customer of your brand is more engaged than the average customer. For this reason, sending a follow-up welcome message will be the best way to drive frequency.


  • Where should I put the sign?
    The goal is for the customer to see the sign before the point-of-purchase. Ideally, the customer opts-in before making a purchase. Depending on the store layout, window-clings on the front window or a sign just as the customer walks in have seen the best results. Pick a spot that affords your customer the best chance of seeing the sign.

  • How big should the sign be?
    Signage sizes will vary by store. The most important thing to remember is that it needs to be large and standout. If it blends in with other signs in the store, chances are the customer will look right past it. When in doubt, go bigger.

  • How should I design the sign?
    There are 3 important design aspects to keep in mind:

    1. Clean and simple. Be sure to keep the sign clutter free. This means simple images and only verbiage that is necessary to the offer. Any extra flare will take away from the call-to-action.

    2. Clear, obvious call-to-action. The goal is to get the customer to text their email address. This needs to be clearly communicated. Any confusion will deter the customer from signing up.

    3. Urgency. Nothing helps motivate a customer more than a sense of urgency. It’s important to stress how easy, quick and immediate the offer can be redeemed. Studies have found, people have a sense of loss aversion. This means, if someone believes they are going to miss out on something, they are more likely to take action to ensure they don’t miss out. Using first possessive words like “My” help to push customers into completing the action.


  • Test. Test. Test. Testing is the most important aspect of any marketing effort. Test the sign design and size. Test the sign placement. Test the offer. Test anything and everything to optimize what works best for your brand and customers.

  • Incentivize. Incentivizing employees to promote the program is the best way to improve results. They are on the front lines with you customers and can be utilized to help drive home the value of this program for customer.
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